Ninja Coffee Makers Vs Classic: Which one is Better?

Are you looking for a better option between the Ninja Coffee Maker Rich vs. Classic? We are here with a complete guide on how to choose the best one between these two.

Although it makes excellent coffee, the Ninja Coffee Bar system has many other uses as well. The unique selling proposition of the Ninja Coffee Bar system is the variety of brews it provides. This can adjust with the user’s needs. Again, if you talk about the Classic, it will offer the most balanced and smooth brews for an excellent cup of coffee or espresso.

In spite of offering a wonderful coffee making experience, both these Ninja and Classic coffee makers come with some of the unique features that differentiate them from each other. Let’s explore these difference between the Ninja coffee maker and Classic.

Rich Brew Overview

You might be wondering what rich brew coffee is. This coffee has a rich taste when it has a “full” flavor, when it has a “full” body, or when it has a “full” acidity.

The user manual for the product states that pressing the key labeled “rich brew” will produce coffee that is “richer than classic brew yet still smooth.” The goal here is to make coffee that is robust enough in flavor to withstand the addition of milk, sugar, and several other condiments.

Many people believe that the term “rich” can only describe a powerful or intense flavor quality that comes with darker roasts. However, in truth, a light roast that has high acidity and/or body can also be rich.

Ninja Coffee Makers

Like in the Ninja coffee maker, you can find an option for a rich brew. This results in a flavor that is stronger than before. People who enjoy a robust flavor in their coffee should consider going with this option. Additionally, it results in a beverage that holds up nicely when combined with milk.

To make things easier to understand, we can remark that a rich brew results in a cup of coffee that is actually more flavorful and slightly more concentrated than a classical brew. However, it creates the same quantity of coffee with a significantly increased quantity of milk and cream. Because of this, we refer to it as “rich.”

How to Make a Rich Brew of Coffee?

Making a rich brew of coffee is quite easy. Follow these steps below to have a perfect, rich brewed coffee:

  1. Firstly, make sure you have enough water in the reservoir to brew more than one cup of coffee. This means you should fill it to the top of the minimum fill lines shown above. [Don’t worry about filling in the last blank]
  1. Next, put a filter, either paper or permanent, inside the brew basket. You can use this permanent filter and scoop your coffee directly into it before placing it in the brew basket. You can also use a number 4 cone paper filter before firmly placing it in the brew basket and filling it with coffee.
  1. Use the ninja coffee scoop to add the coffee after you’ve adjusted the filter. The method is simple and reliable for making just one cup. The brew basket slides back and into position with a satisfying click.
  1. Place your cup right on the base of the machine whether you’re making a single serving of iced coffee, a huge pot, or a specialty blend,
  1. You’ll see that the brew cycle starts when the water reaches the perfect temperature for brewing. After that, you’ll be able to get the most out of your favorite ground coffee.
  1. Once the brew is over, close the drip stop so you can use it to clean the brew basket and avoid spilling on the floor.
  1. Lastly, take your coffee out of the ninja bar. Now is the time to sweeten or milk up your beverage.

  • Extensive level brew
  • Addition of milk, sugar, and several other condiments
  • Better flavor

  • Sometimes too hard/bitter
  • 75 sec/cup
  • Not habituated to a lot of people

Classic Brew Overview

The Ninja Coffee Bar features a number of different brewing modes that come with individual preferences in terms of flavor profile and beverage type. For example, selecting the “classic brew” option on the coffee maker instructs the appliance to prepare a beverage with a “smooth and balanced flavor.”

classic coffee maker

The classic brew is another way of saying “basic drip.” When you are in the market for a wonderful cup of classical coffee, you should look for a brew that is well-rounded and silky smooth like this one.

With a classical brew coffee, you can have the ultimate feel of the traditional style. It will give you the smooth feeling of coffee with the proper texture of milk and sugar. Classical coffees are also known to be the traditional ones that are present in almost all coffee makers.

How to Make a Classic Brew of Coffee?

If you want to make a classic cup of coffee in your ninja coffee maker, you can follow our given steps:

  1. Fill the water tank up to the maximum fill line. Please ensure that there is sufficient water over the single-cup brew line, as we are only brewing one cup.
  1. You can either fill the permanent filter and scoop your coffee directly into it and place it into your brew basket. You can also use a paper filter. You would use a number 4 cone paper filter.
  1. Then, just as with a permanent filter, you’ll want to firmly insert it into the brew basket before filling it with coffee grounds.
  1. If you’re using a Ninja Coffee Bar, the filter should be set before you add the coffee.
  1. For best results, use two or three serving scoops. Slide the brew basket back until you hear it click and feel it lock into place.
  1. When making a cup of coffee, you need to place your mug on the multi-serving cup platform. Remember, the machine will not activate until you lift the lid.
  1. To get the most out of your favorite ground coffee, open the drip stop and press the classic brew button. Once the classic brew light comes on, brewing has begun and the Bruce will start the pre-infusion cycle. The Ninja coffee bar can brew at the ideal water temperature and pre-infuse all of the coffee grounds for even saturation.
  1. In order to start the thermal flavor extraction process, the brew cycle will start and then pause for a moment.
  1. After the brew is over, close the drip stop so that you may clean the brew basket without spilling water everywhere.
  1. Do not let the base of this perfect temperament plate become dirty. If you’ve accidentally slashed your ninja coffee bar, please fix it up. Now that you’ve added the sugar or milk, you may start eating.

  • The regular, or favorite taste
  • 60 sec/cup
  • A mixture of milk and sugar in a perfect context
  • Traditional flavor

  • Less texture compared to rich
  • Less brew than rich

Similarities and Differences

The Ninja Coffee Bar system is also great because it comes with a wide range of brews to suit every taste and need. It comes with various brewing systems with thermal extraction technology.

The first one is the classic brew, which makes a smooth, well-balanced cup of coffee. This is for you if your taste requires a great cup of traditional coffee. Another option is the rich brew, which has a stronger taste. It is for those people who prefer their coffee strong enough. You can also use it to make drinks that go well with milk, like milkshakes and others.

To tell the truth, there aren’t that many key distinctions between the two. They make coffee of high quality, yet each brand may have its own unique characteristics due to the roasting process. You can have a typical cup of coffee using the original brew, and it just so happens that it might be your favorite.

On the other hand, the rich brew might give you a flavor that is fuller or stronger than the traditional one. But it does not have a bitter coffee flavor that is resistant to getting covered up by milk, cream, or flavoring.

Which one is better?

First and foremost, we have to acknowledge the fact that everyone’s perception of the flavor of coffee is unique. It’s possible that you prefer the taste that’s richer, but there are many others who prefer the more traditional flavor.

However, we have studied which one could be better, but choosing the proper one for yourself is up to you. Let’s compare these two options to determine which one is superior.

When we purchase a new machine, we will notice that a rich brew allows the water to pass through the machine at a more leisurely pace, allowing for a long soak. We can see that the classic brews at a pace of 60 seconds per cup, while the rich brews at a pace of 75 seconds per cup. These are the average brewing times based on a full pot of coffee.

We have Ninja’s classic brew-style coffee, which features a flavor that is smooth and well-balanced. On the other hand, Ninja’s rich brew features a flavor that is more robust while retaining a flavor that is smooth. And it is reminiscent of coffee after adding milk and creamers.

It is necessary to steep the rich brew for a longer period of time in order to extract a more powerful taste from the ground coffee.

Comparison Table

Brew  Rich  Classic  
Time75 sec/cup60 sec./cup
Texturemore mixtureaverage


Finally, here we are with all the information that you need about the Ninja Coffee Maker Rich vs. Classic. Wrapping it all up, we can say that coffee is all about taste. It completely varies from one person to another.

If you like the traditional way of drinking coffee, then you can try the classic one. But if you want more texture in your coffee by adding some milk and sugar, then a rich brew is the one for you.

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