What Is a Kubbe Attachment on a Meat Grinder?

Having a meat grinder is essential if you love grinding your own meat. You have probably heard of a kubbe attachment, but you have no idea what it is. This essential accessory comes in handy in meat grinders and stand mixers. The kubbe attachment is useful in making kubbe dishes, which is a common Middle Eastern dish.

Traditionally, people used to make kubbe manually, and it was a tiresome process. A kubbe attachment makes your work easier by creating minced meat hollow tubes. In this guide, you’ll learn more about the kubbe attachment and how to use it.

What Is A Kubbe Attachment?

What Is A Kubbe Attachment

A kubbe attachment is an accessory to the meat grinder. It is designed to speed up and simplify the preparation of the kubbe dish. A kubbe dish is a famous Middle Eastern food for Arabians. It is commonly referred to as kebab, kibbe, or koubba. 

The kubbe attachment works by creating hollow tubes in minced meat. It has an additional wheat flavor to spice up the meat even more. The attachment forms a casing from meat filled with spiced ingredients to make kubbe.

Parts That Make Up a Kubbe Attachment 

Parts That Make Up a Kubbe Attachment 

It is very easy to prepare a kubbe dish using the kubbe attachment. In the past, kubbe dishes were made manually, proving quite time-consuming. The advancement of technology led to the emergence of kubbe attachment. This part of the article discusses the various parts of a kubbe attachment in detail.

A kubbe attachment is manufactured using either steel or aluminum metals. The general kubbe attachment comprises an extender tube and a round threaded ring-like flange. The extender tubes and ring-shaped flange are responsible for the long, hollow cylindrical shapes produced by the meat grinder. 

The extruder tubes create hollow spaces in the minced meat. The flange is essential in supporting the extender tubes to create the outer layers of the shell. The shells created are thin and even a secret recipe for a tasty kubbe. 

How to Use a Kubbe Attachment 

Are you eager to get your kubbe attachment to productive use? Well having a kubbe attachment is unnecessary unless you know how to use it. The following are steps you should follow to operate a kubbe attachment successfully;

  • The First step; Unplug The Meat Grinder.

 A meat grinder is composed of grinder blades and grinder plates in it. For safety reasons, make sure the meat grinder is not plugged in. Then remove the blades and the plates. 

  • Second Step; Dropping The Tube End Through The Flange

Kubbe attachment is manufactured in two portions; the threaded and extruder tube and ring-shaped flange. Proceed to insert the tube through the flange and lock it at the end of the meat grinder.  

  • Third Step: Filling The Meat Grinder

Next is to fill the hopper of the meat grinder with kubbe dough. Pug the meat grinder back in place and start the motor. This step enables the kubbe attachment to flip out a prolonged cylindrical dough with a hole. 

  • Final step: Cutting The Dough 

Cut the dough tubes into desired lengths and fill them with spiced lambs. Afterward, seal the ends of every kubbe. If you prefer frying the kubbe, do so until it is golden brown or bake it to the color golden brown. 

The kubbe attachment requires cleaning after use. Soak the fat and oil with a dry cloth. Take apart the motorized and non-motorized parts. Soak the blades into warm water, clean them with a detergent and wipe dry. 

You can clean the motorized parts should with a damp cloth. They should not be exposed to liquid as they may cause electrocution. After cleaning, rearrange the components of the meat grinder and kubbe attachment into place. 

Can I Buy A Kubbe Attachment Separately?

Most meat grinders have a kubbe attachment fitted to them. However, that does not mean you cannot purchase the kubbe attachment as a separate entity. Scared that the purchase will dry up your pockets? Kubbe attachments are more expensive when sold as individual components than when you buy with the meat grinder.

The worst discouraging news is that you may have to purchase a single kubbe attachment at the same price as you would a meat grinder fitted with a kubbe attachment. This sounds like such a great loss, doesn’t it?

You can purchase a kubbe attachment for the kitchen aid mixer or a kubbe attachment for the meat grinder. It is also believed to weigh about 15.8 ounces.

A kubbe attachment for a meat grinder contains two aluminum pieces. One of the aluminum pieces has a plastic piece insert and mount on the grinder mixer. However, using a kubbe attachment for a meat grinder on a dishwasher is highly forbidden. 


A kubbe attachment is a valuable part of a meat grinder. Having the attachment on your meat grinder makes it easy to prepare kubbe dishes. Simply put, it is a dish made by encasing spiced lamb in a wheat-based shell. You can use this attachment to speed up the process of dish preparation. 

When purchasing a kubbe attachment, read the manual instructions keenly. Remember to clean the accessories before you begin to use them. As a precaution, do not let the motor run for more than five means nonstop. Refrain from using the meat grinder on bone, frozen foods, and nuts. When using it on meat or vegetables, ensure you cut it into strips. 

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