Is It Cheaper To Grind Your Own Meat?

Are you looking for a change from the burger and meatballs available in the hotel down the street? You can make your own at home perfectly. All you need is ground meat. The question is, it is cheaper to buy or grind meat at home? We can answer this question if you look at the total cost of grinding meat vs that of buying meat that is already ground.

You can either buy pre-ground meat or buy a chunk of meat that you will DIY at home. Depending on your recipe, there are different kinds of meat that you can find in form of chunks or already ground. Grinding meat at home is simple. If you have not done it before, don’t worry, a meat grinder is simple to use.

Total Cost Of Buying Ground Meat

When buying ground meat, the best option is to go for the frozen variety, it is free from bacteria and stays fresh for long. The only downside is you may not be certain of the quality as some of the packed meat stays on the shelf for longer periods than recommended. You need to thaw frozen meat first before you start cooking.

Different types of meat cost different amounts per pound. Here is a list of the cost of one-pound meat in Walmart:

  • Ground Beef Chuck (80% lean and 20% fat) – $4.63
  • Ground Chicken – $3.47
  • Ground Turkey (85% lean and 15% fat) – $3.20
  • Ground Pork: $3.58

Note: these prices are approximations and the meat may cost more or less the amount.

It is safe to safe that buying one pound of meat regardless of the type will dent your wallet by less than $5.

Can You Grind Your Own Meat?

Various factors come into play if you are thinking about grinding your own meat. You have to incur the cost of purchasing a grinder, buying the meat, and electricity bill.

Below we have explained these factors in detail.

Cost of Buying a Meat Grinder

Buying a meat grinder will take up most of your budget. Several brands sell high-quality meat grinders. These machines are available in local stores or you can find them at a cheaper cost online. You can decide to buy a manual and an electric meat grinder.

A manual meat grinder is the cheapest option of all the meat grinders on the market. On average, you are likely to spend about $30 buying this kind of machine. They are also the most durable and require some technical skills to operate.

Electric meat grinders come at different sizes and prices. The most common ones range between $50 and $500. The bigger options can grind large quantities of meat. These have movable electric parts making them less durable. If you decide to use this type of grinder, be ready to notice an increase in your electricity bill.

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Cost of Buying Meat

The cost of meat depends on where you buy, and the size. Generally, good meat should be a mixture of lean meat and fat. Good quality meat should have a fat content of between 20% and 30%, but if you intend to make a hamburger, then you will have to go up the fat quantity. Depending on what you intend to cook; you can buy chunk meat, round, sirloin, hanger, or brisket.

Cost of Electricity

Meat grinders come with different wattages. How much you will pay for electricity depends on how many watts the grinder has. Electricity cost will also be charged according to the cost per unit for the company that supplies electricity to your home.

Keep in mind that other electrical appliances consume electricity too on a more regular basis than the grinder. Therefore, you need to know exactly how many units the meat grinder uses.

Total Cost of Grinding Meat at Home

If you buy, one pound of chunk beef at $4 and buy a manual meat grinder for $30 that will bring to a total cost of $34.

If you decide to use an electric meat grinder, you will incur electricity cost. Let us take a cost of $0.9 of electricity, for a one-pound chunk of meat costing $4 and a small electric grinder worth $50. This brings the total cost of grinding your own meat to $54.9 ($0.9+$50+$4).


As discussed above, It is cheaper to buy ground meat than grinding your own meat.

How to Save Money When Grinding Your Own Meat

It may be more expensive to grind meat on your own at home, but it does not mean you cannot save a few bucks. Here are some tips that will help you reduce the cost of grinding meat at home.

  • Buy meat in big quantities. You can achieve this at a cheaper cost by buying meat sold in family packs and not per pound. You can divide the meat is smaller quantities and store in the freezer for later use.
  • The presence of intermediaries in the market makes the price of meat go up. Reduce the cost of grinding your own meat by buying the product direct from the farmer. You may be lucky to find a farmer that delivers door to door.
  • Buy and stock up meat when it is on sale in stores. Take advantage of the reduced cost during the period to buy as much as you can and store in the freezer.
  • Step away from common cuts like tendons and buy the odd cuts such as shoulder and flank. Such cuts cost less than popular cuts.
  • Clean and trim the meat by yourself to avoid the cost of these services at the store.


Grinding your own meat is a sure way to get a variety of recipes when cooking, but it certainly is not a cheap choice. Purchasing meat that is already ground is a cheaper option. If you want to get the whole experience of grinding the meat and making a delicious meal for your family, reduce the total cost incurred by practicing the tips mentioned here.

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