Best Way to Chop Onions on a Food Processor

It’s difficult to chop onions by hand. It takes time and, more importantly, it can be risky. You understand what I mean. When it comes to chopping onions for dinner, most people cry uncontrollably. In this Best Way to Chop Onions on a Food Processor article, I’ll go over the science behind it.

When working with a sharp kitchen knife, I believe we can all agree that the last thing you want to lose is your vision.

What Is It About Onions That Makes Me Cry?

Onions take in sulfur from the ground as they grow. The absorbed sulfur aids the formation of amino acid sulfoxides by the vegetable. As soon as we cut into those rich oniony layers, lachrymatory-factor synthase enzymes are released.

The enzymes react with the sulfoxides to form sulfenic acid, which enters your eyes through the reflexive tear ducts and causes a sulfenic acid reaction. While preparing dinner, you’re sobbing in the kitchen.

Here are some quick tips for reducing onion tears:

  • Use Goggles
  • Under running water, finely chop the onion.
  • Before slicing the onion, try cooking it or chilling it.
  • Switch on a fan.

Or why don’t just use a food processor?

Can You Chop Onions in a Food processor?

Unquestionably! Let’s talk about how to use a food processor to chop, dice, or grate onions. Let’s start with the blades.

On a food processor, what is the S blade?

The S blade is a common food processor attachment. Its two curved blades are shaped like the letter “S,” as the name suggests. This blade is usually made of metal, but some are made of plastic as well. Both options might be included in your food processor.

When using the pulse setting on the S blade, it will chop and mix. It purees and blends when run continuously. Fruits, vegetables, hummus, pesto, and nut butter are all popular uses for this versatile ingredient.

Step 1.

Insert the S-blade into the food processor’s working bowl.

Can You Chop Onions in a Food processor

Step 2.

Remove the onion skins and quarter them.

Remove the onion skins and quarter them

Step 3.

Place the onion in the working bowl of your food processor and secure it. Lock the lid shut as well.

Step 4.

The next step would be to push the “Pulse” button on your processor at least 5 times until you are happy with the way your onions turned up.

Step 5.

drain the onions

If required, drain the onions.

Can Onions Be Diced in A Food Processor?

Simply slice the onions horizontally and process them as usual in the food processor to dice them. Instead of shredding, use the slicing blade to get a better result. Use the thin slicing disc if you want even smaller pieces. Remember to dice your onion in small batches—no more than 1/2 onion or one onion at a time.

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Can You Grate an Onion Using a Food Processor?

With the included grating attachment of a food processor, you can quickly grate an onion; this is the same attachment you’ll use to grate cheese. If you prefer smaller pieces in your recipe, you can grate the onion with a Microplane grater. Onions can leave a lingering odor on kitchen tools, causing you to smell them when you pull them out to use for the next meal. If you have a lot of onions to grate, set aside a cheese grater for onions only.

The Best Food Processor Shredding Method

It’s easiest to shred an onion by first slicing it, then placing it in the food processor bowl. Onions do not “shred” in the traditional sense because of their high water content. Instead, get some completely mushy onion pieces and some that are still intact.

If you don’t want to use a food processor to shred your onions, a box grater similar to the one used for carrots will suffice.

How Long Does It Take in A Food Processor to Chop an Onion?

It depends on how big your onion is, how much liquid you want to leave in it, and whether or not you want it pureed. Depending on how fine you want the onion chopped, it will take between 10 seconds and 1 minute.

If all you want is a uniformly sized chopped onion with no liquid left over, a food processor will suffice. Set your food processor to small dice and pulse until the desired texture is achieved. You can also chop the onion with your knife for a few minutes if you don’t want to puree it.

How Should a Cut Onion Be Stored?

How Should a Cut Onion Be Stored

Wrapping cut onions in plastic wrap or placing them in an airtight container and storing them in the refrigerator is the best way to keep them fresh. For up to a week, an onion can be kept in this state. As shown in the photo below, it’s best to slice it on one side and then wrap or place it face down inside an airtight container.

Keep cut onions refrigerated at all times. If you leave chopped onions on the counter, they’ll dry out quickly. You don’t want their strong odor or flavor to pervade your other foods. The Stasher bags are fantastic for storing any type of food.


A food processor is the most efficient way to quickly chop onions. However, chopping onions by hand with a Santoku knife may be preferable if you want more control over the size of the onion pieces in your final product or how much liquid remains when chopped. Regardless of the method you use to prepare your favorite dish, keep cut onions refrigerated because they will dry out if left out on the counter!

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