Can You Freeze Tzatziki Sauce?-Easy Steps to Get It Done

Have you made excess Tzatziki? Perhaps you are wondering what to do with the leftover. It is easy, freeze! Tzatziki is one of those great sauces that go well with other dishes.

To preserve it for a longer period, you need to freeze it. Freezing Tzatziki will change its texture, but you can rest assured that the quality and initial taste stick. To include it again in your meal, you must thaw first.

What is Tzatziki?

Tzatziki is a Greek sauce made from cucumber, garlic, yogurt, lemon juice, spices, and herbs. You can add different types of garnishes and seasonings for extra flavor. It has a very low water content than other dairy dips, hence freezing.

In Greek restaurants, you can serve this dip together with baked bread and kebabs. You can also use this dip as a dressing or marinade for meat dishes. It works well with other non –Greek delicacies like coleslaw, burgers, and potato salad.

How to freeze Tzatziki

There is a difference in texture between freshly made Tzatziki and frozen ones; this should not worry you. Follow the steps below to freeze this Greek dip properly.

Step one: divide the sauce into portions.

If you have made lots of Tzatziki for future use, or the leftover is more than expected, divide it into smaller portions for easier defrosting when you want to use it next time.

Step two: put the portions in a storage container.

Put the portioned sauce in jars or bags. Jars are more convenient since they have tight lids to prevent the sauce from spilling.

Step three: Wrap with cling film or plastic wrap.

Place the jars (or bags) on a cling film and wrap with several layers of plastic wrap. Ensure to keep the Tzatziki flavor intact by eliminating any tears on the wrap.

Step four: label the wraps and freeze

Label the wrap with important information such as date of preparation and use-by date (about three months after date of preparation). Put the labeled wrap in the freezer. You can leave the Tzatziki in the freezer for up to three months.

Why Should You Freeze Tzatziki?

As earlier mentioned, freezing alters the texture of Tzatziki, especially yogurt. This makes the dip lose its creamy texture, which adds to the taste.

Many professional chefs advise freezing Tzatziki because its shelf life is short (about 4 days). In addition, the taste becomes better when frozen.

Apart from that, freezing Tzatziki makes it readily available the next time you want to prepare dishes that include this dairy dip. It offers an easier way to prepare in bulk and store for future use without worrying about the sauce going stale.

How Long Can You Freeze Tzatziki?

Freezing is the best way to store sauce made of sour cream or yogurt. Serving the Tzatziki fresh will be your best option if you want the sauce with a smooth, creamy consistency.

If you want a slight change, freezing is your method of choice. How the texture and flavor of Tzatziki change depend on how long you store it.

When stored in airtight containers and frozen properly, Tzatziki can remain edible for up to 3 months. How long Tzatziki will last depends on whether it is homemade or bought from the stores. Store-bought Tzatziki contains chemicals and preservatives that make it last longer.

The place you store; in the freezer or refrigerator also determines the storage period. Tzatziki made at home can last four days if put in the refrigerator for a week.

When put in the freezer, it takes up to 2 months. Store-bought Tzatziki lasts only a week in a refrigerator if left open. When closed, it takes two weeks.

If you store Tzatziki from the store in a freezer, it will take up to 3 months before you get rid of the sauce. It is important to remember that Tzatziki quality decreases as the storage period increases.

Tips for freezing Tzatziki

1. Freeze in small portions

Once or twice in between the storage period, you may crave roasted chicken garnished with Tzatziki. If you freeze in small portions, it saves you the trouble of defrosting all the sauce to get one serving only to start the freezing process again. When you freeze in small portions, all you will need is that one serving from the freezer.

2. Full-fat Greek yogurt is better

Full-fat Greek yogurt comes in handy if you are making Tzatziki at home. This yogurt has a lot of fat, which contributes to less water content than other types of yogurt, making it freeze much better. This yogurt also plays a big role in the taste of the sauce.

3. Strain or delay the cucumber

Cucumber has high water content. Remember, Tzatziki should have a very low water content to freeze properly. Since cucumber is one of the major ingredients, you have two options during preparation.

You can either grate and strain the excess water or wait to include the cucumber later when defrosting. If you must include the cucumber before freezing, then opt for Persian cucumber, it has less water in it.

How to Defrost Tzatziki

Like most other frozen foods, you will need to defrost Tzatziki before serving. One popular way of defrosting is to remove the Tzatziki from the freezer and put it in the fridge. Let it rest in the fridge for some time.

Once it has thawed, stir well to regain its consistency. If it is still watery, consider adding a little full-fat Greek yogurt or cream and stir again. You can now serve with your preferred dish.


Tzatziki is a common sauce in Greek cuisine. You can also find it in other taverns. Alternatively, you make your own at home or buy from the food store.

You can keep Tzatziki in your freezer for later use for up to 3 months. So, the next time you have leftover Tzatziki, feel free to divide it into portions and put it in your freezer.

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